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Log, January 30, 2019 – Trim and score

January 30, 2019

This morning I woke up at 5am and spent a bit of time working on Fasteroids. One of items on my To-do list is fixing the high scores. Currently the input for the high scores doesn’t work as expected – you have to click on the field in order to enter into it and entries don’t display correctly. For the time being I’m going to cut this “feature” in favour of a single high score that gets displayed.

High score addition (currently not working)

I’ve already added some of the code for the high score, but I’m planning on moving it where the “Wave” currently is and moving the “Wave” to below lives.

I have to fix the code to import the high score from an ini file. The variable is there, but I haven’t inserted the code to read in the ini file yet. Originally this was done at the end of the game for the high scores.

Another To-do I became aware of while working on this code was the repetition of code within each of the Asteroids. I’m not sure yet how much code each inherits from the large asteroid (it should inherit all the code AFAIK) but simplifying the code will make future enhancements simpler (no changing code in 3+ places).

I’m still planning on adding additional enemies, more sound and sound effects, scaling for other aspect ratios and a revised menu system. This is a small step forward.

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  1. Great to see Charles – nice that your hard work is coming together.
    You mention moving some of the text fields around – I’d consider the bottom screen edge for placing them as well, just as a suggestion.

    1. Thanks Kyle, part of this has to do with the fact that when I created Fasteroids I think I set the resolution to 1024×768 thinking that even a 17″ LCD can do that resolution, but I didn’t take into account aspect ratios for wide screens (which is why the game has black bars when you go full screen).

      As I understand things I need to reduce the resolution to allow scaling for different aspect ratios. I think I also hard coded a bunch of draw events that I have to change to allow the items to be more fluid across displays.

      In the screen shot above you can see a counter half way down the screen, it’s actually a timer for the next UFO spawn. I used it when I was having difficulties with getting the UFO to spawn on both sides of the screen.

      One game (on Steam) that I think does a spectacular job of what I want to achieve is Super Destronaut. It’s a bit more fancy than what I want to do for this game, but I can see myself doing something like it for a follow-up game.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’m working on several things, but it’s a bit slow going.

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